Wednesday, January 24, 2007

time to take time

It dawned on me last night.

I knew why, but the real meaning was finally experienced. During one of my nocturnal errands, listened to the raw interview with joseph (jo) arthur which was done back in November.

The meaning: i need perspective and only time affords me that.

It was apparent why i take so long to move it from the dusty shelf, transfer the Mini Disc to CD, and even get to the point where i'll listen to it. The whole process demands that some time pass before any of these actions can take place. It's not just laziness and procrastination, there's enough of that, but the piece must come in its own time, not in mine. Hell, I need the time.

Piece? Why doth thou refere to this like arte?

Because it is, ye knuckleheads. least I try to make it so.

Let me digress to tell you one thing quite honestly. The delayed listening also occurs because there is always this sense that the interview did not go quite as well as planned. Mostly, this is just a feeling and amounts to nothing more. Then there are always these prickly moments when my sensitivity gets the best of me and an answer feels a little uncomfortable. There are, those who call themselves journalists (not my title), who have an ironclad shell. I am not one of them. Plus, it is not so easy speaking to an artist whose music you enjoy because, while you might know the music, the artist is a stranger. We all want to be liked by those we admire. Me, even more than most. Space from the event is needed to let all these murky and potentially entangling emotions to pass.

Last night, several things surfaced. One thing is the most important. The love of music remains.
It is so easy to be a cog in the machine or to become the machine. Innocence must remain, even at the cost of making a fool of yourself or getting a pin prick or two along the way.

I already have title: Redemption's Son-Joseph Arthur.

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