Friday, January 26, 2007

Mr. Dunn has a friend

Recall ye punters me last post about my Ivorian friend who never emailed me back about the fortunes he promised. Now, with all the luck in Ireland, it seems my chances of being wealthy are again upon me.

Dear Sir , Compliment of the season to you, (What season? Rabbit season? Duck season?)

I write to solicit your favour not Minding that we have not known each other before putting this proposal to you. (Er...that coulda been put better, but please go on!)

In brief introduction, I am Mr. Peter Djaba Sese son of Dr.Djaba SESE SEKO , the only full blood brother to the late EX-ZAIREAN President MOBUTU SESE SEKO. We are presently in West Africa in the status of a refugee. My parents recently passed away three years ago after a terrible illness in Lome-Togo. (Oh hell, do I even have to look this up again?)
Again to be precise and straight to you, my father was unable to face the advancing rebel forces of the former President Laurent Kabila. That was why we flew to Togo on self exile, where a terrible illness really put my father on sick bed for months, and knowing of his health condition he revelled to me a deposited sum of $26 million at a Finance Company in Ghana (Twenty Six Million United State Dollars) as a family treasure.
(Boy, does this story sound oddly familiar?)
BLAH BLAH BLAH...later Please, Kindly reply introducing yourself and your business interest to enable us know ourselves and discuss further on how to move the money, you will be furnished with the particulars regarding the deposit of the money as soon as I recieve your interesting reply. Please I will also appreciate your confidentiality in the whole transaction. Believing that you will accept this proposal in good faith. Reply as soon as possible. Best regard, Peter Djaba
To satisfy the curiosity of the readers of these pages, I will reply. Any bets?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I will reply too and lets see who get the most out of this (fun that is, not money).
I always enjoy it by about stage 3 when they start asking for bank account numbers and date of birth etc, lots of fun to be had there.