Monday, January 15, 2007

By Brains, Brawn or Sword

HBO's Rome returns showing the bloody body of the "tyrant" Gaius Julius Caesar lying on the Senate floor, dead from twenty three stab wounds. No historian, but even I know:kill one tyrant, replace with another. Read the commentary here from HBO's site.

When HBO is at their best, you sit a bit stunned after the episode is over. Violent, superb acting, great casting and very, very racy -this is Rome.

By the way, don't make yourself an enemy of these men, Lucius Vorenus or Titus Pullo. These lads are quite good with swords. In fact, these characters virtually steal the show whenever they are on the screen.

PARENTS: this is not for children, so record it and watch when little eyes aren't around. This is way, way too over the top for little ones.

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