Thursday, January 11, 2007

Are You Down with Mollusks?

Crawling up from the depths: giant mollusks! Run for your sacred bodily fluids! Protect the
love interest! Watch out for "secretions."
We watched this little B beauty on TCM recently and it was a hoot. "The Monster That Challenged The World" (1957)
It is your basic mysterious creatures, made monsterously huge by radiation, late 50's sci-fi flick.

Let's check off the cast:
1. You got your Caucasion Alpha Male Navel guy. His love interest (pictured) is a bit too young, but their bland dialogue is as slow as the plot.
2. Wacky scientist guy, designated by the habitual labcoat, is always talking in the science guy voice. One scence is very funny where he just happens to have a film (already set up in a projector) about common mollusks. He rattles on while we watch snails eat stuff. This I suppose is the educational (?) portion of the movie. Perhaps the scientific? Who the hell knows? But it's very funny.
3. Wacky map guy who keeps talking about proposition 14A. WE DON'T CARE!
4. Idiots keep going into the water though they know these killer mollusks are down there.
5. Idiot divers trying to blow up the mollusks in their shells, nearly kill themselves because one clown can't get the depth charge pin out. Their dialogue and struggle is hilarious.
6. Idiots who keep putting their hands in weird, sticky stuff to find out if it's weird, sticky stuff. (The scientist informs us that this is mollusk secretion. Thanks, doc. needed to know that. Let me stick my hand in that again just to be sure.)
The egg, safely kept in the lab, hatches. Who didn't see that coming?
After hatching, the monster attacks the "helpless" woman. Tough plot twist there.
Old guys shouldn't work at locks because mollusks lure them out with noises and then attack them from behind.
Follow below links for audio and video clips. Very useful to add in a mix for your friends.

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