Friday, March 04, 2011

To Express the Inexpressible

I'm glad that this isn't in my head. Whew!
I have always admired those who express themselves through the graphic medium. In the graphic arts, I search less for meaning than I do for color and shape. Discussions of meaning in graphic art can turn tedious quickly for me. I believe in brevity. It's like trying to explain the taste of something-pretty difficult and tiresome.

Gary Baseman's disturbing paintings speak for themselves, but if you want the artist's take, read this.

I also really like Andy Kehoe's work-detailed and funny. Andy's shop.


One commenter said this about the painting below:

"What? Don’t get it. Looks like weird ways of getting pregnant or being pregnant. No idea what the artist is trying to show here. Letâ??s be honest here. Flowers falling out of some kind of creature, and what looks like chipmunks with nuts on their heads as helmets. I gave a 2 star rating for at least trying and in no way can I see people putting this in there homes."


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