Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sarcasm: Never Leave Home Without It

"Oh yes, you are interrupting my day."
I realize that my blood pressure medicine is about to run out. I call the doctor's office who first gave me the prescription.

"I'm sorry," said the nasal voice on the phone, "You'll have to get your cardiologist to fill it." Fine. Call the cardiologist's - always an ordeal to even get through-but this time a helpful, friendly person listened patiently to me and my need to have a prescription filled. "Done and done," thought I as she said, "Mmmm bye."


Nothing is ever done in this century (or the last) without some kind of hitch or foul-up. Following up is always a necessity and sure as shit, there was a hitch.

Another voice from doc's office: "Now, what is written on the label?" This voice is of the female office worker kind, one that reeks of disdain for patients. The issue is whether or not I'm taking the right dosage.
"I don't have it front of me. I'm at work. I'll call home."
"Put me on hold then."
So, a short process later, info on bottle revealed nothing germane, she then says, "I'll call the pharmacy."
Soon, Ms. Disdainful calls and tells me that the prescription is this and that.
"OK?" as if this is the end of the conversation.
"Did you call in the prescription?" My whole reason, right?
"I wish you had told me that before."
This was the whole fucking point, lady, but I guess you didn't get the memo.
Her tone is not to my liking, but before I can respond with something smart-ass, she hurrys me off with, "I'll call them back."
I often think that perhaps my inwardly mistrustful and outwardly smartass attitude towards those who work in positions of self-perceived authority is immature and that I should change.

When I'm proven wrong by human nature, then I'll eat crow, but until then, I'll keep my sarcasm close at at the ready.

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