Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not So Triumphant

"OK, boys, let's shoot the toilet bowl brigade again."
This time, Big Brother is wondering about me. I'm pretty sure I must be on a list somewhere.

I have been watching Triumph of the Will on Netflix. I have always heard that this is a great film- a triumph of film making. There is no doubt that this is a historically significant film, probably ahead of its time and technically astounding for 1934.

The problem is that it drags. I can sit through hours and hours of cinema, but this Nazi fest is sluggish.

This (barf) love letter to the Führer is tedious. It's overly long and has many repetitive sequences. However, filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl captures some truly iconic moments: the overhead shot of the goose stepping, jackbooted soldiers, arms all extended in salute, is a powerful moment as are the creepy Hitler youth, blond and full of hope, banging on drums. Indelible images, all.

"Time to clean the trenches! Ja wohl, meine Arschloch."
There's no question of the historical value, but filming every parade and little brigade of horses, tanks and dudes with shovels becomes almost unbearable to sit through.

Better to watch the History Channel and get the right edits.

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