Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Good Deed

As I pull up to the ATM, I see a car pulling out.  I see something on the screen which I do not at first comprehend. In white letters across a blue screen, I see a familiar prompt:


Then it dawns on me. The people in front have left their card in the midst of a transaction. No password needed, all is there for me if I want it.

Of course, a camera takes a picture (or video) of everyone who uses the machine, but still, this is no temptation for me. If this was a machine that dispensed cake, for example, then a couple of chocolate cakes might have gone missing, but  thievery is not among my sins.

The next day I call the bank and I expect a hero's welcome or at least a hearty thank-you from whomever discovers my noble deed.


Despite all my efforts to give the lady (who sounds bored and somewhere else in her thoughts) the name on the card in order for them NOT to worry, all she keeps repeating is:

"Just bring the card in, sir."

And I did. What did I expect? Don't know. Delight? Gratitude to see an honest person? A parade in my honor? At least.

By the way, when the card ejected, the balance slip said a lot.


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The Only Mister Ed said...

How serendipitous! I found a wallet in the middle of the street last Saturday. It had over $120 in American currency and a bunch of Chinese bank notes, along with credit cards, etc. Contacted the owner via the email on his business card, which identified him a vice president of a Chinese tech firm. He was quite grateful and asked me later to send him my address so he could send a thank-you note. Feels good to do good, no?