Thursday, February 17, 2011

Telephone Hell

We create our own devils sometimes.
Good old Captain Beefheart called the telephone "a plastic horned devil" and damn, if he wasn't right.

Having done a post yesterday on the Morning Sitting, I resolved to integrate this as much as possible in the morning rituals.

I got about 12 minutes into it, feeling very relaxed and trying to experience mind-body union when the hellish sound began.

Without revealing details as to "who" was the rude person, I will say that there are some people for whom drama is a way of life. This is indeed the case of the person who called. Lie cannot be normal, stable and happy-the shit has to be stirred. This person has deep issues, a baby to care for and an unstable environment and therefore, does not have the luxury of a quiet home to sit idly, working on something seemingly so frivolous and abstract. I get that, but choosing to repeat one's mistakes again and again, hoping as Einstein said, for a different outcome, is insanity.

We can all understand this, because who doesn't enjoy a little excitement even if the excitement comes with a heavy price tag? Excitement is a condition which doesn't last. Emotional states, which seem so powerful and overwhelming at times, come and go in a tidal fashion. This also ties into the lack of mind-body union that Sandra Bain Cushman speaks about in her blog. I have met Ms. Cushman and wish that she lived closer so that I could study with her because she is a marvelous, down-to-earth teacher.

"When one first hears the Alexander Story, it seems remarkable that an individual spent nearly ten years studying himself in order to overcome his vocal problems. Yet after we establish our own practices, and like Mr. Alexander reap the incremental benefits of an ongoing commitment to the integration of mind and body, it might not seem so far-fetched."

Amen sister.

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