Monday, February 07, 2011

On Sale in the Lobby

It looks so harmless.
You may notice something different on my page. Yes, I have added a Amazon widget.

Was it Satan who compelled you to such shameless commerce?

No. Money runs from me. No, seriously, any extra cash goes to plumbers, dentists, or mechanics. Besides, I'll never make any true cashola from becoming an Amazon associate. This is about feeding my Amazon addiction.

When I'm in couch lounge mode at home, I check email, Facebook and the like, but always return to look at movies that I might want on Amazon. I go back over and again in an obsessive compulsive manner, often looking at the same DVD, checking the price to local stores (If they even have anything of my eclectic, odd taste in film.), then back again. It's almost pornographic.

My DVDs are handled with the utmost care. I never, ever touch the edges and surgically insert or take them out of the player. Most of my life is complete chaos, but DVDs? Pristine and although not precisely organized, I can find you any title. I love getting and giving them. I'm also very picky about which I buy. It has to be what I feel is necessary to my collection and even if it has been deemed worthy, it still has to be at the right price. I'm a bit of a pincher on that one.

I was inspired by the new additions to my blog roll- the Horse Stick Girls. Hell, if they take the time to write such extensive reviews, then so can I. Besides, traffic on my site is very small. While I enjoy purging myself through words, I read only about four blogs on a regular basis. To get read, you must read. It's a community, but that takes energy and that has gone into making words dance (or mambo) on my page. By the time, I'm finished writing, I'm finished with reading as well.

We just started watching season one of Breaking Bad via Netflix. Thanks to Uncle Bill's recommendation, I am hooked on this strange story of a high school chemistry teacher who goes the dark path of cooking meth in order to pay for his chemo treatments. We just watched the first three episodes, so no review right now. Just a teaser.

So, judge not me too harshly. It's got more dignity than pan handling saying, "Pardon me sir/mam. Do you have $11.99 for a DVD from Amazon?"

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