Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

An obvious story, but good shocks and scares.
We love Netflix. Though Blockbuster has a superior collection of the newest films, their mailing service in Charleston is glacial as it took nearly a week for their mailing service to send another movie. Unacceptable. There's always a quid pro quo, isn't there?

We devour all horror movies that come out. Most are low budget and not worth a shit. I had heard that M. Night Shyamalan's Devil had gotten some mixed reviews, but I am always interested in Night's work as I believe he has been a breath of fresh air in the film making world ever since he kicked my ass with The Sixth Sense. That was brilliant and original.

Devil is a well done little shocker. Reviews on the web (Not a good place to read nor trust reviews. Except here and Film Geek's site.) have been hard on the "obvious" plot - people trapped in an elevator and their consequent panicked and dangerous behavior. The small twist is that one of them appears to be the Devil. If that whole concept really bothers you, then this film will not sweep you away and you've missed a good experience.

The film has a solid cast, well acted, and delivers some good scares. To say more would ruin it.

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