Monday, February 21, 2011

The Doctor is "In"

I am recent convert to the instant gratification that is Netflix. I usually come to just about all parties a little late, so bear with my obvious revelations.

Every 12-year-old's sci-fi fantasy was Leela.
One of these recent indulgences is the classic Doctor Who series featuring the greatest Doctor,  Tom Baker. I suppose every fan of the series has a favorite Doctor, but I came to the series in the early 80's and he was the man.

Doc talks some sense into an alien snot ball.
I was living at home at the time (a big mistake) and as Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond says the food is incredible, but like a bear in the zoo, "they keep you doped up on the sauces." It was part of my pre-dinner ritual to watch the good Doctor romp through these silly, ultra-low budget sci-fi episodes. Looking back at the visual technology of the '80's, now it all seems prehistoric, but it's the story lines (however thin) and Baker's quirky performance that makes this worth a watch.

The first one I watched was The Androids of Tara. Well, it was like they mashed up the Middle Ages with hack stage (over) actors all to find some crystal to aid in time travel. Or something. It did not play well. Even Baker could not save this from dullsville.

Much better, though some CGI might have helped some scenes, was Horror of Fang Rock. Give me some fog, a lighthouse and an alien and I'm suspending disbelief like a bitch. Leela (as if you didn't see the picture), the series siren, was not in her now famous leather garb, but was wearing period clothes. Louise Jameson is actually a good actress and not just eye candy. One lone bummer in the cast, the woman playing Adelaide, was way over-the-top, but she doesn't ruin the good fun.

The 12 year-old in me wants to own all the Tom Bakers, but prices are still high. An episode is broken down into three parts of a total 1:35:00 minutes of Who. Not bad.

Next: The Pyramids of Mars.


Anonymous said...

For Christmas, I bought the little lady a nice oak bookcase. As we were loading stuff onto the shelves, I counted 114 boxes of Dr. Who, some boxed sets of 2 and 3 DVDs/VCRs. I probably need help.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a printout of the episodes so we can keep them organized in order. Totally mental.

Beverly said...

Beautiful. Watching them now, it's clear that Baker makes it work. Stories seem a bit thin at times to be stretched out to three half-hour segments.

Printouts are for the truly organized. Love it. Let the bells of fan-dom ring!