Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not an "A" Game

Even Liam Neeson can't raise this A-Team above a C.
Guy movies. Where shit blows up "real good", hot women abound, and ass-kicking is a given and destruction to property must be in the millions at least.

Let's go through the list, shall we?

1. Shit blowing up: check. Cool aerial stuff. Action sequences lead pace of film.

2. Hot women: Jessica Biel is the draw. Even dressed in her conservative Fed duds, she's got it in spades.

3. Ass kicking: check. "I pity the fool" ass kicking scene is great.

4. Destruction of property: really fun.

Then why does this flick fall short? In short, it's too damn obvious, plays out every cliche and each character seems to be immune to injury no matter the implausibility. For example, hundreds of cargo holders fall around the A-Team (Are one or two guys inside? Unclear.) and not a scratch. What are the odds?

Patrick Wilson and Brian Bloom do nice turns as the bad guys. Bloom particularly shines an an arrogant asshole assassin. Even still, this film lacks substance.

This A-Team gets a C from me. And here's hoping there's no sequel.

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