Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I know Bill has posted this before, but since we are on the topic of the universe, order versus chaos and asking for things from the heavens, we should spin the Magic Eight to ask. These are the results.

1. Will I ever get a raise? Yes. (Score 1 for me. Yay!)

2. Will I ever be as cool and awesome as Darth Vadar? Absolutely! (Really?! I never even dreamed, not even secretly.)

3. Will I get a romp with an old flame? Maybe (At least it's not a no.)

4. Do I have a shot with the cute girl at Blockbuster? Maybe. (Hey, this is going too well to be true.)

5. Could I beat Donald Trump in an arm wrestling contest? Ask again later. (Perhaps my reserve of luck is getting thinner. If I couldn't take that pathetic comb-over mano a mano, best to stop.)

Oh, and those signs I was talking about? Turns out they were closer to the above Croc warning sign. Yep. Best to stay away. Usually, our instincts are right. Trust them.

Then consult a fortune teller.


primalscreamx said...

The fortune teller thing all points to a lot of heartache, man. Based on what I've read, I'm going to need a good attorney soon.

Al said...

"Just one word.......Plastics. Plastics are the future!" Bet the farm baby......

The Only Mister Ed said...

Hmmm. Two blogs in a row concerning divination of one kind or another. What are you trying to find out, young Jedi?

When I asked the Eno site about a family matter I got "Bridges -Build -Burn". Spooky.