Friday, June 26, 2009

The Price of Everything

The Id. It's for real, kids. And when it goes unchecked, life becomes unreal because there are no boundaries. Fame brings about many things and a whole shitload of trouble. Superstardom must be the worst of these. Though I have had dreams of fame, I kind of realize how self-destructive it all is and surely how much I would have abused it.

Reports suggest what I suspected: self-medicating. Who would stop him? Isolation and withdrawal are other common elements of the fame game. No center, no "personal discipline" (Fripp) nobody pulling you back from the edge and nothing holds. Your inner voice says, "I'm a god. Nothing can harm me." Think of the Elvi god and his entourage or as they called themselves, the Memphis Mafia. Who stepped in and tried to stop the abuse?

A bubble, a plastic world, an unreal existence, getting whatever you want whenever you want it, constantly being told how wonderful you are. People malfunction under these circumstances.

I think this picture says it all.

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The Only Mister Ed said...

And still, Keith Richards lives. Amazing.