Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hickory Dickory Neglected Clock

Actual dialogue. I like the subtle guilt messages.

Have you seen my clock? It is a cheapo. No great loss, but I kept it here on the desk to help us keep up with the time while we worked.

I might have knocked it under/behind the desk. I'll take a look on Monday...I know I've seen it on the desk very recently.

I had looked there earlier but couldn't see it under the desk. This morning I used a flashlight and was able to see it back behind all of those wires in the corner. If you folks don't want to be bothered with a clock on the desk I can put it in a drawer and bring it out only when I'm working. I had left it there thinking it would benefit all of us.

Nah. I liked the clock. Didn't notice that it was missing.If you want, we can move the desk on Monday and grab it.

Thanks, I finally spotted it among the nest of wires and retrieved it this morning. As I said earlier, the clock is a cheapo, so wouldn't have been any great loss if it were missing. If you folks do want it to remain on the desk we need to keep it somewhere where it won't be repeatedly knocked off.

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