Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Feel the Burn

Ok, who cares about my opinion on a TV series?

You're right. You got me. I'm being boring here, but I gotta say I really like Burn Notice.

This little gem of a program has it all: interesting characters, fast as hell pacing and a good sense of humor. Call it spy show light; as it never commits the fatal mistake of other cable programs: taking itself way too seriously. (X Files anyone?)

Micheal Westen, the central character has been tossed out of the CIA and the ongoing plot line is to find out who and why. Fiona, the trigger happy ex, is more comfortable shooting weapons and blowing things up than she is still carrying a torch for Micheal. Sam is the Hawaiian shirt wearing, booze swilling ex-military buddy who would rather live the good life than be involved in the spy biz.

Very clever, very fast and funny.


The Only Mister Ed said...

Right on! 'Burn Notice' is a Newbegin Family favorite as well. Don't you love the little tips & tricks Michael gives you on how to be a great spy?

eclectic guy said...