Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like a Red Rubber Ball

Evidently, we are in big trouble. By we, I mean, all inhabitants of Earth. Well..in a sort of metaphorical-mystical kinda way. No, it's not a zombie plague/takeover. That's coming for sure and don't make say, "I told you so" when it happens.

Hercolubus or Red Planet is hurtling towards Earth and we, to quote Linus, are "dooooomed." The official website offers a free copy of the "book" which is more like a short story and a groovy video to watch. (Note: the use of real human suffering footage in this video to further their point is a bit sick,)

When this loony and unsolicited book came in, I was excited because of the potential fun I thought I could have interviewing people who believe in giant destructive planets, Venusians and all sorts of serious insanity:
The gnostic master states that the Red Planet is five (5) or six (6) times larger than Jupiter and that nothing will be able to stop or deviate it. Hercolubus will bring tragedy, earthquakes, seaquakes and much darkness. He also says that the giant planet is populated by a humanity with a psychological nature similar to the inhabitants of Earth, and they are as dangerous as the earthlings. (Source)

I sent an email offering a radio interview. Yes, it is devilment on my part because you know what I would do with the audio! Since these people are from Spain, they cited a language barrier that would prevent the author from conducting such, so with tongue fully planted in cheek, I sent the following questions (You can tell when my sarcasm gets the best of me):
1. What is the source of the Hercolubus?
2. What is the data supporting the existence of the Hercolubus?
3. Why is it moving like a comet and not a planet?
4. Is it friendly or does it mean Earth harm?
5. The book talks about Venusians. There has been no verification of life on Venus. Where are you getting this information? How do you know this exists?
6. Is the book intended to be a work of fiction?
7. According to some, there is a reptilian race of beings who are coming to conquer us. What do you know of this?
8. Does this have connection to Halley's comet?
Their answer:
The book Hercolubus or Red Planet deals basically with spiritual topics. The investigations supporting the affirmations on it have been carried out through its author's internal faculties and not through physical equipment. Such faculties, unfortunately forgotten in our present day civilization, can include meditation, astral projection, and internal revelations. The information received through those channels is as real to the receiver as it is the information received by senses like sight or hearing. Verification through physical methods, nowadays the only methods admitted by official science, is sometimes limited. However, sometimes it is enough to verify and prove a phenomenon.

The main purpose of that book is to alert humanity and encourage individuals to look inside and to start a spiritual work through which we can awake and liberate our consciousness. Our effort when disseminating that book is aimed at raising eagerness to practice the keys that are given in the last two chapters: the elimination of the psychological defects and astral projection. Therefore, that book is not a work of fiction but a true survival guide. Its author pointed out that it should not be used to make theories out of it, but to lead us to awaken our consciouness. We remain at your disposal to deepen the practical side of that book so as it can be of real use to your audience. Best regards, Carles Esquerda
What a hokey cop-out. Here I was hoping for some excitement! Giant red planets! Creatures on Venus! Zombies! Er...No, that's another book.

Are they selling something? "Spiritual retreats" for the gullible? Private lessons in astral projection?
Plus, they dodged the reptilian race question and I know that's real.
Captain Kirk had to fight one.

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The Only Mister Ed said...

It is only through communing with those on the astral plane that one can reach the Destination. The book is your ticket, its pages your suitcase cleared by cosmic Customs. Will you journey to meet that which is coming or wait and save the fare only to miss the bus? But I digress...