Friday, July 02, 2010

A Tough Act To "Fool"ow

Every have one of those moments when exactly the right words come out of your mouth?
We, the Velvet Gypsies, were waiting to do our 4pm set at Festivall and the act before us was this street performer. A kind of all around juggler, balancing act and comedian. A good act to be sure.
And he was certainly pleasing the modest crowd out in front of Taylor Books.
I was standing in the back with two friends, watching this guy. Friend no. 1 goes, with sincerity, "Maybe you guys should get this into your act." We all laughed. Then, we all realized just about the same thought: we have to follow this guy.
"That's going to be a tough act to follow."
I said, "Oh yeah. That's like trying to follow James Brown."
Then friend No. 2, whose motives are often of the trying-to-undermine variety stated the point again. "That's going to be a tough act to follow."
Immediately, I knew that he was trying to psych me out.
I said casually, as the fool's act came to an end, "Yeah. It would be."
"If we cared."
Then I strolled off to leave those guys in laughter. I felt like Miles Davis was with me. At that moment, I realized how valuable years of playing experience truly is, plus I have nothing to prove anymore. I play for enjoyment.
We didn't rehearse five weeks, three to four hours a night, just to be brushed off by a "fool."
Not even the rain stopped us. I am so proud of us.

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