Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Number One Post: Hydrating Keith

Blogger's note: This little story is my number one. That is to say, somehow this true story has made it around the world. God bless Keef.

When Chuck Leavell (keyboards for the Rolling Stones) came to town, some of Charleston's local musicians became his backup band on Mountain Stage. Leavell revealed a Rolling Stones' moment to my friend Doug.

At the soundcheck during an enormo-dome outdoor fest, Mick kept harping on to the guys that the heat could dehydrate you.

"You gotta keep hydrated, guys. Even tonight, you gotta keep hydrated." On and on, Mick went about staying hydrated.

When evening came and the gig was about to start, Mick launched into his hydration speech to the troops yet again:
"Even though it's dark, you have to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is so important."

Finally, Richards had had enough.

"Mick, shut the fk up about hydrating. I'll put an extra ice cube in my vodka."

God love Keith Richards.


Ed said...

I have to tell you, Jim...I am in awe of your accomplishments. I knew you as a bright, insightful fellow young person all those years ago. Reading your blog makes my head spin! My friends and family consider me "eclectic" because I listen to King Crimson, Brian Protheroe and can't get ENOUGH bagpipe music, but I don't hold a candle to your depth of knowledge on music and society. I hope we can exchange ideas, though mine may pale by comparison. Oh, and you haven't aged a day, ya bahstid!

eclectic guy said...
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eclectic guy said...

Dear Ed,

Thank you. I am a nobody with a smart mouth, a contempt for authority, hypocrites and someone who still loves his guitar.

As David Sylvian sings: "I struggle with words for fear that they'll hear, but Orpheus keeps to his promise and stays by my side."

Anonymous said...

Amazing, simply yet another Keith Richards classic!