Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Things I like...a lot.

1. Mary-Louise Parker
Season Six of Weeds is coming in August and since we don't get Showtime, we wait for the DVDs months later, but I have become a fan of the star of this wacky series. Kevin Nealon is a hoot to be sure, but MLP is the central dysfunctional character who never seems to learn from her mistakes.

Yes, we all can see that MLP is a beautiful woman, but there's something about her that really catches me. Maybe it's that emotional distance, the standoffish snootiness that acts as mask for a wild party angel. Can't say, but that's what I see. I sense, that in her personal life, that she is a diva and difficult.

When friends in mine were in NYC for a short visit. they were staying in an apartment building where she lives. Imagine my excitement. "If she drops a tissue, pick it up! I want it." I was only half-serious. They saw her with some "skanky looking guy" who was carrying her luggage. Unshaven bad boys, it would seem to me, would part of her personal life.

They saw her in the lobby and none of their party was particularly thrilled. I would have been gobsmacked, as the Brits say. Later in the week, the doorman stopped their entourage from getting on the same elevator with her which really made them miffed. I thought that was stupid too, but a big star she is, yes?

2. Sushi

And lots of it.

Count 'em. 38 pieces of delicious food heaven.

No, I did not pound that down myself. My compadre and cohort in the sush consumption did about half. We are sush masters. Stand back.

At Taste of Asia, they have boats A, B and C listed on the menu. Figuring out that a-la-carte ordering was going to cost more, we went in on boat B.

"Can we eat all that?" "Is it too much?" We had doubts, but they turned out to be foolish doubts. We knocked it out and then some.
The trick with sush is to eat slowly and don't drink a lot of Sapporo. Every morsel is carefully considered, as this is a special treat, to be eaten with care.

Our waiter said that there was a Boat C, which was on the menu, but they had a special boat not listed. The price? $125.
"Does anyone order that?"
"Yes. Two ladies come in here and order that and eat all of it."
Well. Rock on.

3. Zombie movies
When I heard AMC was going ahead with their series, The Walking Dead, I thought it was about time. Truly, I had imagined one day that HBO would give George Romero carte blanche to have the final way to express a story about how the survivors would deal with a post-zombie world. Judging from Romero's Diary of the Dead, I think his best work is behind him.
Along comes a comic book (Er...graphic novel, pardono moi) to generate a TV series. Who da thunk it?
I think this is going to be huge.
Enter the sweepstakes to become a walk-on.
More favs later.

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