Sunday, July 18, 2010

Find a Penny

"Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you'll have good luck."

On Saturday, during the Aunt Effie weekly trip to the House of Hair Poof, the 84 year-old was doing her usual glacial (God love her)pace up the ramp when she spotted a shiny penny on the ground.

"Pick it up." This didn't surprise me. She is a model of thrift and modesty.

"Now, put it in your shoe."

"Ok. Why?"

"You'll have good luck."

Who am I to judge? I put in in my right tennis shoe and forgot about it.

Several hours later, I'm at the light on 57th street in KC. The light turns green, my green arrow as clear as the daylight, I proceed to turn left.

Loud squealing of tires jars me into focus: turning to my left, some idiot in a black Dodge Ram Mondo truck has decided to run the light. He struggles to gain control, veers towards the sidewalk a bit, but manages to stop before T-boning me.

Yep. A full T-bone into my side and imagine the consequences.

File this under: yikes!

Did my aunt's advice save me and my car?

I wouldn't bet a penny against it.

(Even if they sell for a buck.)

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