Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Which One is Crim?

Tony Levin, simply one of the best musicians on the planet, has recently unearthed some old blogposts. The guy was blogging before it was called a blog, so shut your mouth right now.

Here's the link.

Here's some highlights.

"Ade's computer fell on my head. Nuts taxi ride to band dinner, Robt. was not a happy puppy. After checking twice w. waiters that his pizza would be without meat, it came with both ham and sausage. Robt. tossed the ham out the restaurant window, in a classic example of pork defenestration."

"He also plays stick, a richly sounding 10-string instrument that looks 'as if a monster from outer space had put strings over his penis and tuned it at the utmost possible degree of erection. Most disgusting."

"Robert, to reporter at same interview; "You asked two questions. The answer to the second is no."

"Robert, asked by two fans if they could take a photo, "Yes, as long as I'm not in it."

"From Mexico City Crowne Plaza Hotel room svc. menu: "Vegetarian sandwitch-avocado, alfalfa germs, smoked chicken, boiled egg ...."

"Buenos Aires - man from poster company, asked us, while hanging band poster, "Which one is King?"

"These dual interviews (with Bill Bruford) are more fun for me than solo ones - I get to listen to Bill's answers - and sometimes write them down myself. Some examples: "Making an album nowadays consists of this: fifteen months of phone calls, five days of recording, fifteen more months to get it released. (Then you wait another year to get paid.)

When asked what it's like playing drums in King Crimson, Bill made the analogy to lying on a bed of nails. Laughingly urged interviewer to look at the scars on his back."

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