Sunday, December 06, 2009

Just Say Yes

Freelance musician's credo: Always say yes.

On the way to Chum's, home of the yellow slaw hot dog, my compadre Ryan gave me a ring and asked if I could play the "Beast-tro."

He already had a call into another player, but had not received confirmation and needed backup.
I always say yes and make life as simple as possible for gig leaders.
We did our usual two and a half hour playathon. It was really crowded. People were all in our personal space, but what can you do? Keep one eye on the chart and the other on the guy who keeps backing up into the music stand. Try to concentrate on the music and not the vacation stories being told by the blue blood cougars sitting less than two feet away.
Even Big Red showed up with daughter in tow. The Red One requested Happy Birthday be played when her blond friend showed up. No prob, Red.
Evidently Big Red's daughter, attired in a magnifico mega-cougarific outfit complete with necklace, was rather rude to one of our party. I was not surprised at all. She just has that vibe.
Still, despite the din of alcohol-fueled upper class come-ons (two guys were working really hard on one gal who had to go because she had to play tennis the next day) the crowd is strangely appreciative. No doubt about it: if there are women, the men will spend the money and the party continues.
After a half hour break, we returned to finish the night. We played over the time alloted.
"Technically, we are done, but there are still people here."
Nothing to say, but

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