Friday, December 18, 2009

These Dark Hills

Gonna get in da hot tub

West Virginia is a most curious place. It exists in extremes. Poverty is five minutes away from untold wealth. Engaging open-minded people one minute and then camo wearing gun toting rednecks the next. It's all a bit schizo to be honest, but I have seen all sides to this hilly state-one that is constantly ridiculed by Hollywood and the national media. But the difference is now that I laugh instead of getting miffed because the stereotypes come from some grain of truth. Ask any social worker and your mind will be blown.

Article 1: The Curious Case of the Coach-Cook Hot Tub Cabin Incident

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Next week, Kanawha County school board members will decide whether to appeal a grievance board decision won by a former Riverside High cheerleading coach who school officials say posted pictures of topless cheerleaders in a hot tub on a social networking Web site.

Jill Kimble, the former coach, won her appeal to keep her job as a cook at Mary Ingles Elementary School, although she is not allowed to continue as a Riverside cheerleading coach.

I'm confused. A cook that coaches?

School board attorney Jim Withrow said that in December 2008, Kimble was in the hot tub with the girls at a cabin near Summersville, and later posted the pictures on her Web page.

Excuse me, how did the parents NOT know about this? Posted on the web? Way to keep it on the DL.

A caption under a photo remarked that the girls acted like their true selves: "hoes," according to Withrow.

To quote Fred Flintstone, "Oh, boy."

School officials were concerned with both the photos and the caption, let alone that a Riverside principal had told Kimble not to take students to the cabin again after an initial trip in 2007, Withrow said.

School board members Pete Thaw and Bill Raglin argued Thursday that Kimble should not be allowed to keep her job as a cook at Mary Ingles. A meeting where all five board members will vote was tentatively scheduled for Tuesday at noon.
In its decision, the West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Board found that as a cook, a large part of Kimble's job did not require interaction with students, Withrow said.

Still, Raglin said if there was ever a case to appeal, this is it.

"It's outrageous," Thaw said. "We can't allow them to openly call our students those names" -- or, he said, taking topless pictures of students in hot tubs.

You mean that wasn't on the syllabus?

Article: If You Are From Out of Town, You Are a Danger to Our Children

[ ]Photographer arrested at mall after taking holiday photos

I do think it's stupid these days to assume that no one is going to get suspicious if you aim a camera anywhere near someone's child. It's a national paranoia and with some justification, but this guy seems innocent. He did bring the arrest on himself when he provoked the cop who was being a dick.

Imagine the tourists that this story is going to bring in!

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