Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Krovvy, Anyone?

Meeting Ryan for the rehearsal at 6pm to set up for New Year's Eve gig involved crawling off the couch into the deep freeze, but I didn't think it would involve bleeding.
We were doing a tune called Affirmation which involved lengthy strumming with the thumb followed by a funky bass riff. I was happy as a clam, trying not to mess up, when something caught my eye.

Looking down at my thumb, it was bleeding pretty good and had gotten on the bass strings. I had cut myself digging through a Haydn box set earlier in the day and thought that it was not an issue.
The look on Ryan's face was hilarious. Methinks my six-string compadre has a bit of the wheezies when it comes to the red, red krovvy flowing real horrorshow.
"Didn't you know?!" he asked in horror.
"No. I didn't." I said to my own sincere disbelief. I am no soldier nor tough guy. Far far from it. No pain involved, so I never noticed.
I was going to take a pic of it for the old blog, but then thought that might be too much.
As opposed to the bloody strings? Ha!
Another thing: the man brings in these complex tunes and expects me to deliver. I told him flat out last night, "My man, you sure do have a lot of confidence in my reading ability." It's a rough ride at first, then slowly the music feels easier. Some of them are his own and that makes you want to really do them justice. I know the agony of having other players butcher original music and it is destructive.

These freakin' tunes can be quite a lot to tackle. All these complex G9#11 type stuff and a maze for a roadmap. In fact, most of the time, once you get a decent fingering for these seemingly complex chords and a grasp of the rhythms, figuring out the form is the hardest thing for me. I find that's very true in Latin and rock music as well. Easy chords-tricky form.

A two and half hour rehearsal with him (or a gig) is unlike most rehearsals that I attend. Though we have lots of laughs, it's a workout, baby. Oh yeah. The hilarious difference is that he was off to a gig after that session while I was a bit shagged.
The New Year's Playathon at The 'Stro should be blog worthy, so if I don't see you before then,
Happy New Year's to you!

I'll be working.
And looking for you-know-who.

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