Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wheat From the Chaff

A friend of mine has asked me to do voice overs for his independent film.

Like any creative mind, his is restless. We have tried more than a couple of approaches. Every week, he pops in to ask if I can do them again.

He's worried that he's driving me nuts. This relentless evaluation of one's work is all part of the creative process.

Today, I worked for an hour on 30 seconds worth of music. Spending hours on photos is not unusual either.

Barring the occasional nod from the gods or a bit of luck, very few of us get it right the first time. Editing has to be a labor of love, otherwise it is sheer drudgery.

Eventually, you realize when you need to let a work alone and let it stand on its own two feet.
There's always more chaff than wheat.

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