Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Mosquito's problem

You get a new camera. You look at the box. You stare at the box. The box looks good. It's a nice box. Snap out of it! Get thee out there and make me some perty pictures, boy!

It's night. Porch light on. See large mosquito. Aha! Get complicated camera ready and...
where did it go?
Mosquito has fallen for the oldest trick in the book-the spider web by the porch light. (Know why it's the oldest trick in the book? Because it works.)

Mosquito hangs pitifully upside down, struggling, twirling and generally panicking.

Spider knows this movement. Spider advances. Spider is way too small to stun, spin and save.

Spider tries his best, but retreats. Spider knows all things struggle until they struggle no more and then time to have lunch.
Mosquito has found solution: better to leave some things behind (like his legs) than to stay for dinner.

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