Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there were three guys and a drum machine.

They met a guy named Tito at a wedding. He said that he liked our latin music. He was Latino. He said he was a drummer.

We hired Tito immediately.

Tito took us on a trip to his homeland of Puerto Rico. With Radio Salsoul pulsing salsa rhythms everywhere we went, we experienced quite a lot. These pictures are of one of the best days we had. Incredible.

I found some old notebooks. These notebooks contain information about the songs we were playing. These are relatively good notes considering my recollection of this time period is one of constant disorganization and chaos.
Last night, CR, the guy asleep in the hammock, and I talked for hours and even rehearsed over the phone.
So many memories.
One important CR quote:
"Let's scooby some notes."
Scooby some notes? How do you do that?
But scooby as a verb was used tonight by another friend who was never in the band.
That's weird.
On another topic, these notebooks are chock full of lyrics. This page amused me.
I have always had trouble with lyrics. A comparison between one source and my interpretation varies wildly. Looks like I had trouble with this old Tommy Bolin tune as well. Oh well...
Actual lyrics:
Savannah Woman dressed in white
Stands out of tropical rains
She pulls her gin and tonics tight
And curses her lonely domain
Brazilian winds winds blow warm in Rio
A white estate they call "La Nada"
Meant for her soul or so she says
Hides her sadist gin-made eyes
No one knows but me
How she left me so behind
Savannah WomanI could never leave you so unkind
Snow white and with desire
That vamp from the magazine
Cold and distant as the moon
Why can't she burn like fire?
No one knows but me
How she left me so behind
Savannah Woman
I could never leave you so unkind

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