Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Velvet Rising

"Surely the odd confluence of events hasn't escaped you, Clarice."
-Hannibal Lecter

The planets must aligning in a funny way because what we had stored away, forgotten, ignored or simply moved on from, has suddenly become a possibility; even one that could be fun.

Is it possible that a band that hasn't played in over 15 years could get back together and do a reunion gig??? If you had asked me five years ago, my answer would have been a direct "no."

Enough time has passed where I think I can be objective and not merely brag or wax nostalgic. So here is the viewpoint of an old man looking back (take with a grain of salt):

Back in the day, the Velvet Brothers were kings. Succinctly put, we were on top, in constant demand and played every gig that any other band could get and more. Our sound was original: latino meets lounge meets rock. And then there were the odd dabblings in funk, experimental and parody. And we could have fun like nobody's business. The fun was the appeal to the public who came sometimes just to watch what would happen and to dance like fiends.

At the core was not a business, but friendships. It was a blast to play with your friends, slowly get tipsy, have fans enjoy the music and all the time get paid at the end of the night.

We were a melding of distinct cultures and styles in a very unique way-eclectic, crazy, fun, wildy disorganized and sometimes tight and playing with the fire of the gods. We could fall flat on our faces or burn down the house. No one knew what was going to happen-least of all us. That was the beauty, the mystery, and the frustration.

At one point, the band's popularity took over everything; at least from my perspective. Our egos swelled, our weekends were spent playing and weekdays were spent recovering or rarely, band practice. A band can be a monster that swallows its members whole. We weren't big time, but if that's even a taste of that life, then I am glad we didn't. It was insane.

And like most bands, we broke up. For practical reasons and personal ones.

One cannot recreate the past and to try is silly, but all former members are willing to discuss a reunion gig. This might be crazy, but I am willing to play once again with guys who gave me some of the best musical experiences I've ever had.

Hell, the Eagles did it.

And hell still isn't frozen.


Anonymous said...

"Is it possible that a band that hasn't played in over 15 years could get back together and do a reunion gig???"

Yes, I believe so. The Eagles did it and it worked for them, again.

Anonymous said...

Who got the palm trees????????

& the blender!!!!!!!!!