Thursday, April 17, 2008

Listeners Say The Dernest Thangs

Hearing that someone was asking about me, it is good PR to go and meet a listener. Of course, meeting a listener is not always a friendly, feel-good pat on the back that one expects. The weight and impact of words-we do not weigh them properly before we speak them.

After a really brief introduction, I get this sense. One that comes very frequently.

"Yeah. Sometimes I hear you obviously struggling with Portugese."
"Well...I ah..."
"My wife could help you. She speaks...."
"Well, cool. I'd appreciate that."

Then the grand finish:

"I like your show

[I'm liking this]

until you start playing electronica

[Zoiks! Knew that was coming.]

then I turn it off."

[Well. Huh.]

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