Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just Like Starting Over

Seems that somebody else has had an insight:

The guy's comments are pretty honest. No wonder the guy had to rethink things. Doesn't that picture on the left hand side look painful?


Jon said...

Hi there thanks for the mention, the pic on the left looks weird but in fact it isn't painful at all due to my double jointed thumb, I can bend my thumb back further than that without even pushing it! I'm a bit of a freak :)

eclectic guy said...

hey man-

Thanks a lot for coming in yourself. Would you be willing to keep this blog up to date with your progress?

This right hand plectrum technique issue is a big one with me and it may help illuminate the process for us both.

Eclectic Guy

p.s. I will link your site. Very cool stuff indeed.