Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Crim Returns: Insights from the inside of the Crimson rehearsals

Adrian Belew and Fripp have been making music for many years. The fact that these two guitarists still feel the desire to play together speaks much about their relationship.

From here:
Two quintessential Crimson moments during Larks II:

The first was when I had a sense of King Crimson coming to bear, inhabiting the music. Very moving.

The second, quite hilarious, with Ade’s & the English guitarist’s legs pumping to each hold their downbeat, in opposite directions because our downbeats are reversed; and Ade is on my upbeat. This was a hoot to see, both of us hanging onto our time. This is the particular nature of the Larks’ climb (the Larks’ ascending, as it were): the first, single, bar of 11/8 sets off the following bars of 5/4. For me, it’s the downbeat determined by the eleven, for Ade, the downbeat derived from the five.


23.40 So pitiful was the dribblingness, I suggested to Ade that we set off to the local Mexican restaurant. The Margarita was Monster.

RF: Would you like to know why I made the call?

Ade: I was wondering about that. (Ade knowing that no force would compel me to return to the horrors of Crim).

The point of seeing/s related.

An el fabbo dinner with my Old Buddy Ade

> This is not the first time the giant Margarita has come to the aid of these lads. Let's see, Google listed at least two Mexican restaurants right in Mount Juliet. If I hang out there long enough, do you think...? Maybe I could get a job and then...

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