Wednesday, November 01, 2006

KLS Has Struck Again

Kathie Lee tearfully begs:
"KLS, it's becoming more of a problem everyday. And folks, with your help, we can conquer this disease in our lifetimes. Then again, it's named after me, so doesn't that make it ok?"
No, Kathie Lee, it doesn't.

Kathie Lee Syndrome is when celebrities take themselves way too seriously and then begin to become self-appointed authorities on politics and other hot topics. KLS has struck the likes of Rosie O'Donnell (Remember the gun control hose job with Tom Selleck? Painful, but I couldn't look away.), George Clooney and a multitude of Hollywooders all making a point of subjecting everyone to their golden and profound opinion on the "issues." Why, because you are a talk show host/movie star/rock icon and you have an enthusiastic audience/fanbase, do you assume you now to try to influence public opinion by bullying everyone within media-shot with your overzealous opinion? Aren't entertainers supposed to entertain us?

Case in point: The Divine Miss B.

KLS has caused headlines again. And again. And then again.

Everyone not living under a rock knows Barbara Steisand's opinion of the Bush administration. Hell, I am beginning to see what all the Dems and Liberals are hollering about now, but Babs just can't leave it alone.
Why must she inject her rabid political opinions into her concert? Isn't this a concert not a political rally? And because she is a star, how does this make her an authority on political issues?

Eclectic Guy, I smell hypocrisy. Doesn't your beloved Peter Gabriel make political statements all the time??? Yes, you've got me, place the handcuffs on me now, guv. You've got me banged to rights.

Peter Gabriel has made political statements from the stage. Indeed he has, but they have always been about a specific abuse (the murder of Steven Biko, Apartheid, wars and famine in African nations) and showed no political party bias-at least none that this American can see.

When Amnesty International was doing concerts condemning the evils of Aparthied and other human rights abuses, where was Miss "Like Butter" then? What about Live Aid? What about aid to Africa concerts? What, no Queen o' Manhattan then? Call me cynical, but I think that most people who enter into the grand politics public mouth frothing that vehemently really don't care about the people that are affected by them, but it's more like rooting for your favorite sports team. They're not wearing your team's jersey, so let the ranting begin.

At a recent event, some unhappy ("angry" was a term used in the press release) concert goer threw a cup of liquid at NY's premiere prima donna after a skit that made fun of our beloved President.
From Yahoo news-
"Streisand's publicist, Dick Guttman, said a paper cup filled with some sort of liquid was thrown on stage but apparently did not hit Streisand during her second performance in this Fort Lauderdale suburb."

"It's at least the third time the skit, which includes a George W. Bush impersonator, has angered Streisand's audience. A heckler targeted her at the Philadelphia opening of her 20-city comeback tour (Come back from where? Her spacious, multi-million dollar Manhattan home? The Queen of New York? It was a self-imposed musical exile, yes? Babs has immense performance anxiety and choses to perform or not.) , Guttman said, and Streisand made headlines with her response to a jeerer at Madison Square Garden last month." (Who dares to jeer the Queen? Off with his head! This is Babs, baby. Who are you to question her authority? And during her show? The person should have been forced to watch The Mirror Has Two Faces as punishment.)

"Erlichman said Streisand, 64, believed the skit was in good fun and noted impersonator Steve Bridges, who wrote it, is a Republican."
(Proving what? The Pubs have a sense of humor? Could have fooled me. It's a ridiculous statement that clutches for straw. Babs needs no defense because she has a right to make an ass of herself in public if she wants, just as every celebrity does. More entertainment for us. Everyone wins the way I see it.)

"This skit has been so massively covered by media, it's impossible that it still could come as a surprise to any of the Bush admirers who bought tickets," Erlichman said."
(Anyone who bought a ticket should not be allowed to vote the way I see it. If you have such appalling taste in music and performers, then your choice of candidates is probably just as bad.)

Despite the controversy, Erlichman said the skit would remain a part of the tour. (Translation: Because the Queen of Streisland wills it so.)

Streisand, an outspoken liberal (Really? I hadn't noticed.), is touring the country after a 12-year absence from the stage (As previously stated, she's petrified about live performance. I have a deep appreciation of this, but she once tore up $40,000 dollars worth of carpeting at a venue because the sound wasn't right to her. That could have helped a lot of people, but the Queen was not happy, so money to burn is money to waste. She is a horrible woman used to getting her way.)

"...offering fans a repertoire of her four decades of hits." OH boy! Can't wait for that!

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