Sunday, November 26, 2006

KLS Again!

Why I rule: because I'm sometimes, not always, ahead of the curve. Just kidding, but man, sometimes it's as if this stuff happens right after I blog about it.

When celebs act all precious and feud, I call it KLS: Kathie Lee Syndrome.

Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa have now joined the ranks of those celebs who suffer from KLS. You can't make this stuff up: (my stuff in red, ok?)

NEW YORK — Kelly Ripa's definitely not a Claymate. (Hardy har har)

The talk show host went off on Aiken Monday morning on Live with Regis and Kelly. Ripa saying "I don't think he was respectful in any way." She said Aiken was hostile toward her when they shared co-hosting duties on Friday's show.

What hath Sir LightLoafe done? Ok, did he act disrespectful? I only saw a short clip, but maybe he was being a bit too familiar. There is an unspoken thing in radio where, if you are co-hosting with someone, you try to pick up your fellow host's fumbles and run with it. You always try to make each other look good. There also is an issue of partnership-one that has been established with Regis.

But disrespectful of not, just like her famous and disease founding predecessor, Kathie Lee, Ripa now sees herself as a TV diva. This is a shame because I really thought Ripa didn't take all this TV host stuff seriously. (If you want to really see how far afield Gifford has gone, please go here. Jesus. Narcissism on a nuclear level!) Ripa read this: sic transit gloria mundi (and so passes the glory of the world). Get over thyself.

She especially took issue with Aiken putting his hands over her mouth during an interview. She said you don't do that, even if it's for a laugh.
Ripa told Clay his actions were a "no, no," adding "I don't know where that hand's been, honey."

Let's address two things here. There was a program that researched the Reg/Ripa show and found that Ripa has done this same thing to Regis twice. That is, put her hand over his mouth. The whole "where that hand 's been" was a jab at Aiken's little secret and a slip-up on her part. Luckily, it was vague enough to get her out of PC hot water. Good going, morning Diva, Kathie Lee was cheering during that one!

Regis said he's shocked the pair didn't hit it off, saying, "In my wildest dreams would I ever think that one day you would have a feud with Aiken.

-Reg was shocked two Divas wouldn't get along? How naive is this dude? Get them both a saucer of milk NOW!

On The View" Tuesday, Rosie O'Donnell said Ripa's remark about Aiken's hand was homophobic. Aiken has been dogged by speculation about his sexuality but he's never answered.

-Thanks Rosie for A. making a jackrabbit out of your precious self again for our amusement and B. for letting the cat out of the bag. If there was any doubt before, there ain't none now.

In a call to "The View" Tuesday, Ripa blasted O'Donnell's comment as "outrageous." She said Aiken's actions were disrespectful and unprofessional -- and that he was spreading germs, since he'd just shaken hands with a lot of audience members.

You can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

I am not a follower of either Regis, Clay, Kelly Rippa or Rosie O'Donnell but on the occasions I have seen the Reg/Kel show it has been entertaining and she is a mouthy little thing but not annoying for some reason like KLG.I do admire her taking on Rosie O'Donnell. The whole world ahs become afraid of the Loudamothed Rosie and I like that Kelly took her on...some spunk from a tiny girl towards a behemouth of a woman...can't wait to see how this all comes out in the wash....

Anonymous said...

P.S. Anon is Wild Kat...Alzeimer's moment....

eclectic guy said...

She done did do take on that Amazon Woman! Methinks it sad that she takes all that talk show stoof seriously, but if you and I were in her shoes, maybe we'd start believing in the myth ourselves. I'm already arrogant enough for Regis' sake! Let alone that caliber of glory. Huzzah!