Thursday, February 18, 2010

When in Rome

Starz has just started Spartacus: Blood and Sand. This series is a hoot basically. Ridiculous, over the top, cartoonish and some CGI that looks really fake. This is nowhere near the quality of HBO's Rome.
So, then why doth thou watcheth?

Because it is full of violence, nudity and really hostile, nasty characters. Plus, it's set in Rome and we know that the Romans set the gold standard for partying. There has been nothing done in the modern age that the Romans didn't do with more gusto. Party on, Romani!

Seriously, the central character just wants to reunite with his wife, but now is owned by a gladiator pimp named Batiatus. His wife is Lucy Lawless, who in real life, is married to the producer. Financial woes keep them in the gladiator game.

For all of the garishness (battle shed blood comes swooshing out as if in 3D real horrorshow like), the acting brings us back every week. Plus, from my perspective, Lucy Lawless is eminently watchable in anything, but hopefully in as little as possible. The series delivers along those lines.

Morality? What's that?

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