Monday, February 01, 2010

A Story

I like stories. Works of fiction. yeah.

Once in college, while living in a trailer off campus, I introduced two of my friends to some hashish. We were excited because it looked so beautiful and smelled so heavenly.

We placed a small chunk of it on a pin which was stuck through a piece of cardboard, lit it, then placed a glass on top of it. The smoke would fill the glass then each of us took turns inhaling it. The effect was almost immediate.

I decided to play some Pharoah Sanders because one of my friends loved jazz. The music was very atonal and explosive. My friend began to hold his breath and looked like he was about to have a convulsion. Seeing this, my other friend shouted,

"Take that off! Take that off! It's going to kill him!"


hillbillybob said...

All our lives we've been told that canabanoids adversely affect memory; yet we recall nights like this,vividly, down to the most minute detail, 30 years later. I even remember what people were wearing,what they smelled like,who farted. "A Child's Garden of Grass" suggests against listening to Myron Floren while high, good advice indeed, but they probably never heard Pharoh. I think they put warning labels on his records these days.

The Only Mister Ed said...

You remember "A Child's Garden of Grass", don't you, Jim? Many a hi-larious evening back in school, along with "200 Motels".

eclectic guy said...

Funny and ironic thing- I don't remember that book or record. FZ will always be classic.