Monday, February 01, 2010

I Don't Get It

The Grammys mystify me. I think a lot music lovers don't take them seriously. And no wonder. The whole event is about two things: album sales and spectacle. Eye candy. I like spectacle, but this is about music, yes?


Taylor Swift has had a helluva year. Beyond her cat-like looks and long flowing locks, I can't figure out why she is gobbling so many awards up. The songs have plenty of hooks, but shiny things, while they may grab our attention at first, don't hold our it for very long. The music is empty and soul-less. I imagine that Ms. Swift practiced every one of her facial tics and looks as she delivers her bags of sugar to the masses. She is perfect for the music star machine. Next will be Disney movies. Watch my word.

Beyonce grabbed six of them. In her case, I cannot discern a lick of originality or innovation (think Imogen Heap). Album sales. Good looks. She radiates sincerity as well. Great qualities, but where's the music? The Sasha product is nice to look at, but I ain't hearing nothing special. Plus, her traipsing in with these Halo military troops was weird. What did that have to do with the song?

The Black Eyes Peas have a good thing going on and it wouldn't have flown so high without Fergie, but they need to send a nice fat check to Kraftwerk. They merely have taken Kraftwerk to urban hip hop. Boom, boom, pow? The lyrics are embarrassing. Enjoy it now. It doesn't sound like good rap or hip hop to me either. Just watered down techno dance.

The love the surreal theatricality of Lady Gaga (Think Pin Up era Bowie with shades of Alice Cooper), but for all of the "look" of it, the music seems to be like wallpaper - only as set design. The duet with Elton John was...what? A musical love letter to each other? Are they dating or is just their makeup going steady?

Pink's performance was amazing. You just have to watch it. Best thing of the night.

I did enjoy Green Day as usual. Not bad for three guys from Seattle who have faked British accents, wear manliner and do the retro pop punk thing. Punk may be their flag, but hooks are the real Green Day. Not bad, dudes.

Kings of Leon won, but no performance. Odd.

Then the empty speech by the music industry suit. Please, speeches about how kids need music education? The only education they need is to find an agent.

What kid in his right mind is going to say to themselves: "Let me see, if I really want to master an instrument, I'm going to have to go to school for a least four years and practice at least 6 to 8 hours a day." Bullshit. Not one of those performances said to a kid that what you learn in school will help you to fame, fortune and the Grammy stage. This is not about education, but show business. I'm not complaining, just stating the facts here.

No Latino, jazz or classical. I mean, why would we want anybody like that on stage?

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The Only Mister Ed said...

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." Riveting!

The Grammys have always been about the bucks. Wither Christopher Cross?