Monday, August 10, 2009

Part-Time Disorientation

Am I being difficult? Most likely. Is it born from years of feeling unappreciated? Yes. Should I have left? This was a choice, but there has always been a scarcity of teaching positions. I may have left, not finding the position suitable to my perceived qualifications, but then no extra cash. There's the hard line.

A memo for a mandatory part-timers meeting has come from on high.

Mandatory? Really? Should I inform that I have been on the staff since 1987 and have seen presidents, provosts, administrators, teachers and many others come and go? Should I say that I have given the university untold hours of free PR for sixteen years by taking the guitar group into schools, coffee houses and concerts? That I have taught hundreds of kids and college students with nary a whisper of notice or (cough cough)praise from any adminstatione? Do these people even know anything?
Nope. Calm down, old boy. It's just an email. File this as another one under D for Disappointment.

Part=Time Faculty Orientation Required by Provost

Meeting will be held at two different times:

Wednesday, at a time when you work.

Wednesday, later, when you'd rather say you're doing something else.

You may groan and begrudgingly come to either session; both will be held in the Frankenstein Art Gallery. Please respond to Provost, noting which session you will attend. Or which you plan to blow off.

Mind numbing and trivial topics included:
· Provost-required syllabus template
· LLOs attached to courses (as appropriate)
· Semester calendar
· Grading procedures
· Technology available
· Library services available
· Administrivia – parking passes, security, coffee, etc.
Administrivia? Seriously? We are making words up now? And how do I connect parking to security to coffee??? I am lost. LLOs? Hmm. I must get a new dictionary of academic speak. I am confused. My syllabus has been fine for twenty-two years and now I must change it?
Ok. If I have to go, I'll go. But I will be grumbling.

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