Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Orders From On High

I submit, without alteration, this email. It needs no explanation.

From: Rinchich, Jack
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
1:28 PMTo: Admin; faculty
Subject: 2009 - 2010 Parking Permits (Faculty & Staff)

Importance: High


Faculty and Staff members (who have been issued a Purple and White mirror hang tag) do not need to complete a new blue registration form unless there has been some change in their vehicle status. Note: To (update) your existing F/S hang-tag simply bring your hang-tag to the Security Office to obtain a small (2009-2010) validation sticker to be placed over the old date on your hang-tag. Hang-tags not displaying the 2009-2010 validation sticker will be regarded as “EXPIRED” and cited accordingly. All (old decal) Faculty/ Staff permits that stick to the outside of the window are “OBSOLETE” and “INVALID” . Cars displaying the old decal permits will be cited as having “No Permit”.

New Faculty / Staff members or existing Faculty / Staff members (who have not been issued a purple and white hang-tag) must complete a blue registration form and bring it to the Security Office to obtain both a new hang-tag (and a 2009-2010 validation sticker).

Faculty / Staff members are the only persons issued a (mirror hang-tag). All student permits are window decals. Students must obtain their permits from the Student Solutions Center in Riggleman Hall. All Faculty / Staff permits are issued at the Campus Security Office. Note: The new location of the Security Officer is on the 1st floor of GSU (adjacent to the Bookstore). All Faculty / Staff members are encouraged to register their vehicles as soon as practical. A (very short) window or grace period will be provided to accomplish this. After this brief grace period patrol officers will be issuing citations for “No Permit”.

(FYI) During routine patrols this week it has been observed that some (empty parking spaces) have been available on the (Brotherton Hall Parking Lot). As an option you may wish to check the Brotherton Hall Lot for possible empty parking spaces if other areas are full.

Thank you!

Chief Jack Rinchich
Dept. of Safety & Security

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