Monday, September 22, 2008

To Tell the Tale

There are folks who live by "never look back." That attitude is a bit mystifying for me. Hell, that's not any fun. I like hearing the old stories. Most of them I have forgotten. Memory is a collective retelling of past events. That is, each person remembers bits that others have forgotten.
The past seems to have come to my doorstep.

I had a rather unusual high school experience. I started out at Charleston High (long demolished and now a doctor's building) then abruptly sent to Staunton Military Academy, all to finish at Charleston Catholic. No wonder I am weird.

I wasn't really surprised when my old bud from SMA days, Ed Newbegin, contacted me. There are people you meet that, despite the passage of time, you never forget. He's one of them. Oh yeah. Crazy Ed Newbegin.
Ed, "Boots," Andy, Pete and I were a tight little bunch during those hellish times. I will tell my tales at a later time. Right now, enjoy Ed's account. Obviously, his memory is intact.
And, by the way: Truth, Duty and Honor my ass.
P.S. Henry blows!

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The Only Mister Ed said...

Qu’elle heure est-il? Le heure du Howdy Doody!