Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's a Work in Progress

That's the Reverend Tim, master of the kit and quite a good keyboard player as well. He's got that Billy Cobham kind of build, but he's quite a subtle player. My poor ears do not suffer from any damage from decibel overkill.

It's nice to play with these folks (Though I still don't know the songs). I don't consider myself a jazz player at all. Maybe that's what saves me. I am hanging by a thread.

Standards are played, respective solos taken.

Funk grooves arise and all is smokin'.

The moment when the music derails into a King Crimson foray or Steve Reich or John Cage -it's no longer strictly jazz. It's the moment that I most enjoy. Shit goes out there. That's all I know.

Legendary drummer Bill Bruford calls soloing "the research and development of the evening."

Yeah. It's when you look up and realize that two hours and twenty minutes have passed.


Anonymous said...

Hey where's the dude that plays that bugsprayer lookin thing?

eclectic guy said...

I wish he would play with us!!!!!!!!!!