Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Asking a musician who was in attendance at the gig, the very gig I spent umpteen words describing in great detail, what he thought of the performance. I respect this guy and his opinion would be valuable. Hoping for insight, I wait and get:

(This is not going well already)

"Last week at Okays."

"Was I there?"
(May Day! May Day!)


Others: "Dude, are you having a senior moment?"

The subject is changed when a wave of laughter engulfs us all. Must have made a huge impression on him.

When we want something, the universe does its best to derail it. Some suggest our very wanting thwarts the universe's intentions and therefore it is our fault. My sense is that we are denied because of a very spiky sense of humor.

"so passes the glory of the world"

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