Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stocking Stuffers

Get off your cynical horse and get hoppin' out there in shopping land! Get those music lovers in your life some cool discs. I submit these for your kind consideration.

1. C.P.E. Bach: Symphonies 1-4/Cello Concerto in A with Andrew Manze, the English Concert

Yes, I actually like what I play on that "other show". If there is someone in your life that could appreciate this style of music or could grow to appreciate this, this disc is a winner. Andrew Manze and the fab-o English Concert are setting the gold standard of our times for this style of music. These are not boring academic performances, but performances that sound like the musicians are really having a good time playing old CPE. How could that have happened??

2. Nine Horses-Snow Borne Sorrow

Quite simply, one of 2005's best and one of Sylvian's best as well. Engrossing, innovative music matched with great lyrics. This is great music with a brain and a soul.

3. Novelle Vague-Bande a Part

What could be a musical joke-take 80's pop songs and arrange them with a 60's-bossa nova-lounge twist-becomes great music. Fun, ironic and downright sweet.

4. Kekele: Congo Life

I am new to these cats, but this album has some sweet music on it. Know anybody with an ear for world music? This is a good choice.
Is there any better Afro-Cuban harmony on the planet? Unlikely.

5. BT: This Binary Universe

For electronica fans
of the listening variety (I hate to say space music because that is such a baggage laden cliche.), BT is a solid choice. This is no mere bleeps and blips music, but well-crafted music. He's currently on tour with Thomas Dolby (Ye olde ones remember "Blinded Me with Science"?).
6. Astro Bar-Various Artists
Hands-down and one hand in the air, this is still the best little compilation of chill out music that I've heard. Water Music Records

7. Dom F. Scab-Binary Secrets

Electronic music, which may have the latest technology, but sounds warm and analogue old school to me. This is the stuff of exquisite sequencers percolating echoing synth lines that speak of contemplation of the celestial evening sky.

8. Gabriela Anders-Last Tango in Rio

If you want an album that sets a romantic mood, then baby, this is the one. Anders may not be the most gifted in the vocal department, and I don't mean that in mean way, but her delivery rules.

Others: Ursula 1000: Here Comes Tomorrow-Perfect urban party music. Brazilian Girls: Talk To La Bomb-BG album two is a little harder edged, but still a worthy follow-up to the debut.Urban Legend: tranquilidad cubana-more like an ep, but this reggaeton stuff is addictive. Joseph Arthur: Nuclear Daydream-Crazy Jo can sure write 'em. Memorable lyrics, great hooks and bear-your-soul singing. Good stoof.
I am the pickiest listener, but these may give you some ideas. Post your own!

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