Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a hundred years ago

What tender days we had
no secrets hid away
Well, it seemed about
a hundred years ago

The last time Charlie came in, we nearly missed each other. He and his girlfriend wanted to go to the Comedy Club. I didn't say anything to him about the place, but politely said I'd meet them afterwards. Well, an awkward moment and a long story short later, we got to meet.

Charlie truly has a razor sharp wit. The years have not dulled it either. The guy can make me laugh like few can. Here's an excerpt from his recent email:

Atheist guilt and why it doesn't work

Father: "Son, won’t you come to WV with me you know your Grandparents won’t be around forever.”

Son: "Yes, but then again all of our lives finite; your point? "

Father:"This is why atheist guilt doesn’t work; damn the eternal nothingness of the universe .”

I had to share this. You may cast your stones as you wish, but my old buddy Charlie sent this photo of us when were young.

Year? I'm guessing 75? 76?

Man, were we ever that young? Thin? and so cocky looking?


Anonymous said...

If we ever were that young and thin, never shall we be so again.

I think it might have been even earlier than '75; look at your hair. That's not the remnants of a shave or a crew-cut. It looks like SMA-ish. 1973 or 4?


eclectic guy said...

yeah, i thought about that. thought it looked long for SMA actually, but by comparison, look at the other lads.

i will put that to charlie asap!

wish we could all meet! funny evening that would be