Friday, January 06, 2012

Blow Not Thy Wind

"I want to talk about comets, flying saucers, Mozart and mostly myself
ad nauseum. I don't care if you really want to hear me."
Back in a previous blog, I decided that one of the reasons that I feel so brought down by my place of employment is that I felt obliged to answer with all due seriousness every crazy, every blowhard and every know-it-all. These lunoids are mainly of the classical variety.

But happiness comes from removing those elements in life which are unnecessary, regardless of what you believe is policy or the implied right thing to do because "it's your job." Live in simplicity-that's my choice.

I have stuck to my resolution.

Delete - it's so simple and so satisfying. I read not, nor listen.


There are many factors, but the short answer is I do not want any more damage to my psyche, inspiration or morale.

In music, silence is the frame for the sound.

Silence is the sound one finger deleting.

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