Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Shovelin' the Sush

I believe in the occasional overindulgence.

[Woodcut depicting the torture of gluttons. Nice. Feed them rats and snakes.]

Some may call it gluttony. Joseph Campbell said that everything is a sin in someone's mind. Years ago, I couldn't really see what he was talking about. Hell, people freak out about everything.

Last Saturday, my compadre Tim and I went to Ichiban. Rarely do I indulge in the "sush" and when I do, I like to get my fill of this delicacy. So armed with a birthday gift card, I was in a "let's do this" mode.

The place always has a minor wait, so it's off to the bar for some pints. I make it a rule never to overindulge the brews before the sush, but my pale ale pint was mighty tasty. There's another sin, right? Why does sin always taste so good?

Appetizers gentlemen?

Need you ask?

Shumai and the Chef's calamari were hence brought forth. Fine, fine delights.
More beers, please. The true epicure knows to drink beer slowly when expecting food. Small, tasty sips ensure maximum flavor and less fill.
All tallied, we knocked down 5 rolls plus appetizers and beers. Was it indulgent? Hell to the yeah. Was it a birthday present? Yep.
It was not a sin however.

We didn't have dessert.

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