Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Like Cougars

Oh yeah. I likes them cougarific gals, even I couldn't keep them in the "style" they are so accustomed.

At The House of Tired Looking Italian Food, there were cougs a'plenty. One was right behind me and our table zoomed in on her like submarine sonar.

[This coug has been APPROVED.]

I like it when people try so hard to put on their wealth. "She's trying too hard," came a snipe from one of our female friends. I would have never thought as trying too hard and courgardom as mutally exclusive.

I like over-the-top in the lounge-cougar department, but not Goth-surf-skateboard-tatts-and-piercings: ugh. Looks like you spent the night at Casa de Frankenstein. (It is, without a doubt, a generation thing, and I say let's widen that gap more so maybe I don't have to see it.)

So, I have come to praise the cougar, not to distain her. It's the evangelical towers of hair that I find....err....over the top.

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