Monday, October 05, 2009

Ain't nothing wrong with traveling down memory lane. Even better when it's free.

Many light years ago, I was a young lad living in the rural hills of Pennsylvania. Channel 11 brought a treat every Saturday night in the form of Chiller Theater. This, as you could imagine, warped the impressionable mind of a young viewer.

Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille, a Pittsburgh icon, hosted the show with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The skits were always bad, bad, bad. Going on the air in '63, I cannot remember when I began to watch, but I would guess the late '60s. If you read the comments on the Chiller posts on YouTube, you see that many people have great memories of this show. I remember staying up with my dad, probably way past any normal kid's bedtime, and watching these wacky movies.Sometimes even he would go to bed and leave me alone to watch. Now that, some scary stuff kids!

My wife swears up and down that my memory on a daily basis is like a sieve and this is true, but I swear I can remember many of these movies listed here. What's on the grocery list? Can't tell you. The plot of Attack of the Crab Monsters? What do you want to know? The Crawling Eye? Oh yeah.

Bill's son has the smarts now to offer segments from the show on DVD on Cardille's website.

"Joe Flaherty, a Pittsburgh native, acknowledges this show as an influence in the formation of the popular "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" sketches on SCTV."

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