Thursday, July 30, 2009

Set Thy Velvet To Wander

Having missed Velvet Phase V because I threw out my back, The V Bros move to our next gig at Live Mix, this Saturday, August 1st. This would be the third time the VBs have performed since May 2008. After sixteen years of absence, the guys generously responded to help celebrate my 50th birthday. That said a lot.

The Veebs are a great bunch of guys and a helluva lot to play with, but we get together only on special occasions.

Was talking to someone this afternoon about how you can lose all drive. Practicing, playing, creating-all goes by in a big lazy lump without a wisp of guilt. You lose the drive to stay on top of your game and slowly all desire to play leaves. Even lack of self-respect doesn't bother you when you reach that level of apathy. You become a fat stone. Dull, senseless.
In the 90's, I took a long break from all club work and took even paying gigs begrudgingly. I needed to heal from a lot of damage and the unhealthy lifestyle of the late nite player.

That drive is returning. I need to play.

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